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Our company is engaged in the examination of project activity for 17 years, we develop and implement a methodology and software. Our purpose is to help to improve the efficiency of project organizations. More than 300 customers trust us.



The objective of this solution to help improve the efficiency of project management: to contribute to the successful distribution of resources between projects, to identify the critical moments, to achieve targets and increase the profitability of projects.

Product is oriented on supporting the management of enterprises engaged in the implementation of projects and is aimed at reducing operating and transaction costs due to the transition to the new version of the platform and the development of a functional.

This ERP-system is used for project management of real estate sales and real estate development activities.The system automates the monitoring of key indicators of development activities (KPI), portfolio and program management of projects, and the management and operation of real estate in terms of improving their profitability.


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For scientific, research and design institutes

Software and methodical complex, which consists of formal standards work and information system "1C:ERP+PM Management of project organization" that automates the support of business processes of Design Institute. The software is being updated regularly.

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Engineering companies and service organizations

The solution is used for the operational processing of the vast array of data on the engineering projects, the formation of the actual reporting and monitoring key business metrics.The IT-system includes a methodological framework, program modules, and corporate knowledge base.

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Project investments, project financing

The solution automates the consideration of initiatives, proposals to launch new projects, formation and coordination of the single investment program, planning, analysis, implementation and financing of portfolios of projects and programs, and other data.

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Development and the real estate sales

The solution automates the management of all basic operations with real estate, starting from the design stage to management of the lease or sale. Operative informing management is about the discrepancy between the actual and planned figures allows to gain time.

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Mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, aviation, NGOs

The solution allows to manage a project for the production of new products for the market during the whole life cycle. The system provides automation of business processes for pre-production, mass production, custom-design and manufacture.

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System Integrators, IT and consulting companies

The system normalizes the activity in accordance with the principles of project management to integration with the other two key control loops - orders and finances. It ensures a complex approach. The system can monitor the control of the timing, budgets, resources, communications, documents, etc.

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Media business, exhibition, advertising, mass media

The solution allows you to combine all the useful information related to the planning and implementation of media projects. In particular, the system automates the management of the data of the following types: information about contractors, project parameters, the company's resources.

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Management of project office and iternal projects

Our solution allows to see the difference between the project plan and the actual state of project. A violation of the schedule of payments and any deviation from the approved budgets noticeable immediately.Timely information helps to understand the situation and correct failures quickly.



Project management, inventory, and financial resources in a single information space.This approach is implemented optimal control - for operational and for strategic goals.


Our solutions helps you to get the information you need to manage the profitability of projects, project portfolios and the whole organization due to the storage and use of experience.


We regularly receive feedback from our customers and optimise solutions for current challenges and problems of design and engineering organizations.


Employees of 360a3 Yachts completed the training course on working with IT system «1C:PM Project Management»

360a3 Yachts is a shipyard specializing in the repair and painting of yachts up to 40 m in length. The company was founded in 2016 and is located in Spain, Alicante.

360a3 Yachts brings together a solid team of various nautical professionals, with more than 30 years of experience in their field. The company mainly provides repair and maintenance services for the yachts as well as management of dry dock parking. Also, since 2019, 360a3 Yachts team have been actively extending their expertise in yachts construction.

Software product «1C:PM Project Management» developed by ITLand in consort with the 1C company was chosen by the 360a3 Yachts as a mean to automatize its business processes and boost the effectiveness of company management.

From 23 to 26 of November, 2021, ITLand had carried out a training course, where working scenarios by the main business processes were considered in the frame of «1C:PM Project Management» system:

  • Project portfolio management;
  • Enterprise resource management;
  • Project planning;
  • Generation of intensions;
  • Work management;
  • Project's actual data accounting, updating and analysis;
  • Project closeout;
  • Knowledge management;
  • Project's cash flow budget as well as income and expense budget planning;
  • Other budgets planning;
  • Budgetary consolidation;
  • Accounting and analysis of project finances.

Attendees of the training course acquired various theoretical and practical skills for solving different management problems of a project organization with the help of the «1C:PM Project Management» system.

360a3 Yachts employees were satisfied with the quality of the services provided. The audience noted the interesting presentation of the material, the professional approach of the trainer and a good number of interesting practice tasks.



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PMO Dashboard

Used for understanding the overall situation of the projects portfolios, you may to notice important changes through special indicators.

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Control project in terms

Planning decomposition of projects works and monitoring of the project milestones and events.

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Feasibility project

Load resources analysis helps timely to keep track of conflict between the used resources approved, ongoing and planned projects of the enterprise.

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Project monitor

Project monitor allows automatically generating project indicators for proper monitoring.

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Dynamics of the project economics

Functional to form a many useful analyticstics. The dynamics of the project economics, plan/actual review of earned value analysis and more

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Project structure

The functional provides a higher-level control for the transition from phase to phase of the project through the passage of the control points (quality gates, Gate).

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Scheduling of project works

Tool for monitoring the implementation of project tasks.

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Key project indicators tree

Project key indicators monitoring by percentage and absolute values



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